Oct 24, 2011

The Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Amazon Details Page

Set to come out on November 15, 2011, the Kindle Fire will revolutionize the Kindle as we have known it.  The Kindle Fire should not be thought of as an upgrade.  Before, the Kindle’s main purpose was simply an e-reader with a few worthwhile games. The Kindle Fire will be a totally different product that competes in the tablet industry.  In this article I will go over the specs of the Kindle Fire to give you an idea of what to expect in mid-November.   Seeing what this new Kindle has to offer, the $199 price tag is a great value for what you are getting – especially when compared to similar competing products.


The most noticeable upgrade in the Kindle Fire is the color touch-screen.  The Kindle Fire is equipped with a 7” screen, which is smaller than the previous Kindle DX’s screen, but given the functionality of a touch-screen is well worth it.  Plus, did I mention it is in color???   The screen size should not put anyone off since the Kindle Fire’s entire purpose is to be sleek and slim.  The entire device itself has dimensions of 7.5” x 4.7” x 0.45” and weighs only 14.6 ounces, so as you can see the majority of the Kindle Fire’s face is the color touch-screen.
Another great feature of owning a Kindle Fire is that once you buy one you will have instant access to a total of 18 million apps, songs, games, movies, books, TV shows, newspapers, audio books, documents, and of course, magazines.  All of that content can be accessed through a Wi-Fi network since the Kindle Fire comes Wi-Fi ready.  The Kindle Fire also uses a new browser from Amazon named “Amazon Silk”.   Amazon Silk is designed to use Amazon’s cloud computing technology to help your Kindle Fire balance the work load.  All of this is saved on an internal 8GB storage device.  As a Kindle Fire owner, you also have the option to store your Amazon specific content on Amazon’s Cloud thus giving you free storage space to go well beyond the 8GB.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this awesome product.  The Kindle Fire has more great features and things to offer and is definitely worth taking a look at.  It is never too late to put in your pre-order so you can be among the first to get the next great thing in technology.  Pre-orders are already going through the roof, so this product is sure to be a hit.  The Kindle Fire is the best choice when it comes to handheld computing and is sure to be a winner for some time to come.  

Oct 18, 2011

Kindle News: Will the Kindle Fire Steal Apple's Christmas?

Kindle Fire Amazon Details Page

When Apple reports its fourth-quarter earnings later today, there will be a lot of big numbers bandied about: tens of millions of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers sold, and no doubt record profits. Although the shadow of former CEO Steve Jobs' passing will add some sobriety to the affair, there's little doubt that Apple will have a lot to feel good about.
With the last quarter in the books, attention will shift to the upcoming holiday season, and when Tim Cook gets on the call today, he'll shed some light on what the company expects in the last three months of the year. Will Apple be able to keep its unprecedented winning streak going into the upcoming holiday season?

Apple's Winning Streak

In at least two categories, the answer is almost certainly yes. The iPhone 4S, which launched last week, has already broken all kinds of records, to the point where customers can now only get it if they make a reservation. And Mac computers just climbed to all-time highs in market share in the U.S. (13.7 percent) and the world (6.45 percent), according the analytics firm Net Applications.
The one category that may be worrying Apple executives—and stock holders—is the iPad. Certainly, the company is expected to report healthy sales of the iPad 2, while the competition is in such disarray (tablets from RIM, Android, and HP have all either struggled or died) they can't even credibly be called rivals. Apple's share of the tablet market was recently clocked at a seemingly invincible 80 percent. However, one looming product has the potential to up-end everything: the Kindle Fire.

Bringing the Fire

The Kindle Fire is priced to sell: It will cost just $200, or $300 less than the cheapest iPad. Although manufacturers have brought tablets to market at that price level before, the Kindle Fire will also be tied into Amazon's entire digital ecosystem, integrating Amazon music store, video content, cloud storage, and of course e-books—all screaming for users' attention from the home screen. The Fire has a smaller screen (7 inches to the iPad 2's 10), but budget-conscious customers in a down economy may see the hardware tradeoffs as worth the $300 savings.
If the Fire is as successful as some are predicting, it could put a sizable dent into the iPad's market share. Earlier this year, analysts had predicted Apple would sell between 40 to 60 million iPads this year, but Apple has reported selling sold "only" 13.9 million so far this year. That would mean, between today's earnings report and the next, Apple would need to sell almost 30 million iPads to meet those expectations.

Two-Tablet Market?

Given this is Apple we're talking about, that could very well still happen. Then again, the Kindle Fire may steal Apple's (and everyone else's) Christmas. There’s also a third possibility: the tablet market is so new that it could be there's room for two big tablets. Apple may continue to post record numbers and dominate the high end, while Amazon's Kindle Fire ignites a new kind of customer base who previously thought tablets were a toy they couldn't afford.
Tim Cook will probably field a few questions about the Kindle Fire in today's call, and with a lot of luck he may drop hints about what Apple's response might be (iPad prices slashed? 7-inch iPad next year?). But even if he gives the predictable "no comment," it's a sure bet Apple's keeping a close eye on its new tablet rival, and it'll affect Apple's iPad strategy in the months (and years) to come.

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Oct 17, 2011

Kindle News: Amazon Challenges Apple’s iPad and Blackberry’s Playbook

Amazon has decided to slug it out with Apple’s iPad, the Blackberry Playbook and more in the tablet market with its introduction of the Kindle Fire. The following is a list of what you should know before you decide to buy.

8 Things You Should Know About the Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Has Loads Of Content

The Kindle Fire is integrated with Amazon’s movie store, music store, content and has free cloud storage for all Amazon content. It is an e-reader (of course) and you can email your word documents and PDF documents to your Kindle Fire so you can read them anywhere.

Kindle Fire Runs On Android OS

It runs on an android operating system, has a web browser, you can check email, and it has apps galore that you can buy from Amazon. It also has over 100,000 movies that you can download or stream. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have unlimited access to 10,000 commercial free streaming movies and t.v. shows that you can watch at any time. This Kindle Fire is different from the regular Kindle reader in that the Kindle reader uses e-ink.

Kindle Fire’s Affordable Price

3. Their new tablet will have a 7-inch color touchscreen and be moderately priced at $199, a price which most consumers will be very happy about. The small size also makes it easy to carry around with you.

Kindle Fire’s Potential For Upgrades

4. The Kindle Fire tablet will allow Amazon to enter the tablet arena quickly. There will most likely be a version that comes with many more options that will be available soon. But for now, this version allows Amazon to be able to compete with other tablets just in time for the Christmas shopping season. Amazon did this the right way. They made a good product that can’t fail and they can improve upon it from there.

The Amazon Kindle Fire’s Competitive Advantage

5. The $199 price tag is extremely enticing. You won’t have to shell out several hundreds of dollars for this tablet. This low price allows Amazon to reach a much wider market than more expensive tablets. The Kindle Fire is not trying to be the iPad. It looks nothing like the iPad and does not operate like the iPad. Amazon will probably lose money on the hardware costs but it will be able to grab an entire base of customers that the iPad will not be able to reach because of its price tag.

Amazon Silk

6. The tablet has super-fast browsing capabilities which use Amazon Silk. Amazon Silk uses a split browser to leverage the power and speed of the Amazon web services cloud. The Kindle Fire also supports Adobe Flash player and is able to play flash videos.

Storage and WiFi Capabilities

7. It has 8GB of storage and has WiFi capabilities. It does not have a camera. It has an eight-hour battery life for reading or a 7 1/2 hour battery life for video playback.

Amazon Content

8. The Kindle Fire is about Amazon content. As the world’s largest online retail store, Amazon knows that it has a lot to offer customers in the form of content. There is an enormous selection of books, movies, music, retail, etc., all of which you can access with the new Kindle Fire tablet. The tablet world has a new, serious competitor.

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Oct 14, 2011

Kindle News: Amazon could ship as many as 5M Kindle Fire tablets

Kindle Fire Amazon Details Page

As soon as the Kindle Fire was unveiled, I think we all knew this tablet would be popular thanks to the low price. With that low price, we can also bet that the things will be hard to get with tablets being sold out shortly after launch. Analyst Ashok Kumar is now stating that Amazon may move more tablets than previously thought.

Kumar, an analyst with Rodman & Renshaw, said that his check with the supply chain indicated that Amazon could move as many as 5 million tablets in Q4. That would give the Kindle Fire about half the numbers of the iPad. The reason for the increase is also cited as the record pre-orders that were received. Naturally, supply will need to go up to meet that demand.

The Kindle Fire might give Apple a real run once things get going, if it can keep the momentum. Amazon is the first real competitor to launch a tablet that has a chance at matching the iPad. Things can turn quickly for Amazon though it the tablets get into customer hands and have issues with performance.

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